branding marketing campaigns

We make your branding stick

It has to matter and it can – regardless of your industry or your current place in it.

  • We tell your story the right way, so your customers know what they can expect from your business.
  • We make sure the emotional appeal of your brand is contributing to your company’s bottom line.

Business branding strategy & creation

More than your logo, your colors, your looks. It’s every interaction you have with your customers.

Brand assessment & positioning

The purpose of our Brand Assessment & Positioning is to evaluate the current strength of your brand. It allows us to identify the gaps between what you want your brand to represent and how your customers perceive your brand. Our Brand Assessment & Positioning includes:

  • Brand evaluation based on customized research
  • Competitor brand research & analysis
  • The development or realignment of a brand strategy

Brand strategy

Our Brand Strategy is developed from extensive research and defined business objectives. The action plan is prioritized based on sales impact and your current marketing mix. Our Brand Strategy services include:

  • Development of the key elements of your brand
  • The visual identity of your brand, along with visual guidelines
  • The alignment of key business objectives to your brand

Brand planning & activation

Our Brand Planning & Activation services are a detailed guide for traveling from your current market position to your desired destination. Our Brand Planning & Activation services include:

  • The development of a detailed tactical brand management plan
  • The implementation of projects from concept development to design and production