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Peace of Mind Plumbing

Commercial plumbers open a Residential Service Division

Grew service call bookings by 480%

We went from opening a service division in our company and having no calls, to our phone and service guys being off-the-hook busy.

Adrian Simpson, Owner, Peace of Mind Plumbing

The Challenge

Peace of Mind Plumbing first engaged our services when they were in the process of setting up a residential service division. They had a successful commercial plumbing business and were looking to take their service model into a residential market that hey believed could be done better.

They were looking for an effective way to compete in a market that is dominated by established home service providers, with bigger budgets for traditional ad spends.


The first step was to develop a strategy that would allow us to focus on areas where we could get wins and achieve desired results.

A new website was created and deployed, site architecture was overhauled and organic search goals were coordinated with PPC campaigns to maximize click through rates. A number of sales funnels were implemented to support Google ads and Facebook ads campaign objectives. Call-tracking and service calls reviews were implemented to ensure that the entire sales funnel was functioning for maximum results.


  • Identify and develop several new customer sales funnels.
  • Increase volume of qualified leads in order to drive business growth.
  • Dramatically reduce cost-per-lead to a profitable level.


  • Grew call bookings by 480%.
  • Increased sales conversion rates by 35%.
  • Automation of key customer touchpoints, including email notifications.

On-going consultancy

As part of the on-going campaign we executed a number of other consulting projects, including: landing page development, competitor sales call research, seasonal campaigns.

What Clients are Saying

Adrian Simpson, Owner, Peace of Mind Plumbing

Our experience working with Authentic Marketing Solutions is one of the best things that ever happened to us! We went from opening a service division in our company and having no calls, to our phone and service guys being off-the-hook busy. It’s been fantastic. I would honestly recommend them to anybody. Great personalities, easy to deal with…fantastic all the way across.

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